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Birka Law PLLC is a law firm located in Grand Blanc, Michigan, which serves the people situated there and in the surrounding areas. Our Attorneys specialize in multiple practice areas such as cannabis law, criminal law, family law, and many others. Our attorneys in Grand blanc are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding these fields and are always ready to help you find comfort and a fair outcome.

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About Our Law firm

Our Grand Blanc Attorneys advocate for the legal rights of the individuals in our communities. We represent individuals accused of criminal acts, such as fraud, traffic violations, expungement, assault, robbery, and embezzlement. Our practice areas also include business, family, property, tort, contract, and cannabis law. Ashley (Petriches) Sargent, the firm’s main attorney and owner, graduated from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 

Featured Practice areas

Below you can find the many different practice areas that Birka Law PLLC is highly experienced with. These fields include cannabis law, family law, contract law, criminal law, tort law, business law, and appeals. Each of these fields has its own laws, engagements, documents, and target audiences. Fortunately, Birka Law’s Grand Blanc attorneys are skilled and ready to help in any legal area.  


Cannabis Law

Cannabis law deals with all the required documentation needed to legally open your own cannabis business. This is helpful as it helps you avoid any potential risks or difficulties.


Family Law

Family law includes experienced attorneys that handle all cases that deal with family matters and can help you in family court and private negotiations.  


Criminal Law

Criminal defense attorneys make sure the courts give you a fair conviction by representing you in jury trials to make sure you are being treated with respect to your legal rights as an individual. 


Contract Law

Contract law is the field of law that relates to contracts. The main aim is to ensure the client fully understands the contract and its legalities and risks before signing.  


If you have any property complications, property law is what you need to help solve them. Property law deals with documentation, disclosures, contracts, inspections, and more, before buying, selling, or splitting any property.


Business Law

There are many laws that one must follow before opening a business. Business law assures that your business is running within the regulations of the law and makes sure all your paperwork and licenses are intact.

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"Would highly recommend! Been there for me since day one. Job well done! Would hire again if needed!"
Marlena - Avvo Review
"It has been great to work with Ashley!! She's quick to respond, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable! Would absolutely recommend!"
Connor - Avvo Review
"She reassures you with anything that you need. Takes times to listen to you. Offers advice. Easy to get ahold of with anything."
Katelyn - Avvo Review
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