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An appeal is a request to a higher court to reassess a judge’s decision.   In other words, the losing party may request that the decision be re-evaluated by a higher court of law in the hope that it will be overturned or adjusted. In these kinds of instances, an “appeal” is filed with the Court of Appeal. 


It is important to note that an appeal is not a new trial, a hearing with witnesses or a jury, another chance to present new evidence or new witnesses to a new judge, except in specific situations, or a way to avoid obeying the court’s decision.

appellate attorneys in Grand Blanc Michigan

The Court of Appeal will not hear every appeal. In most cases, you would need a court order to appeal through a procedure known as “leave to appeal.” If the Court of Appeal does hear your appeal, it does not mean that they will reopen your case from beginning to end. 

It also does not mean they will change the outcome because it appears to be harsh and unfair, nor change the decision simply because the Court of Appeal happens to disagree as well. To be changed, the sentence must be invalid based on legal inaccuracy and factually incorrect information. 

Since this is a very difficult process that needs to be requested and, if approved, dealt with in a higher court order, it is very important to have an appellate attorney to help guide you. Birka Law PLLC can provide you with some of the most trustworthy and experienced appeal attorneys in Grand Blanc, Michigan. 

Our appellate attorneys, have a thorough understanding of the law, which they use to assist you with trial-level appeals and court of appeals. Our appellate lawyers are professionals at persuasive writing as they have a great understanding of the legal system. 

They could also help you correct a legal mistake or clearly articulate a legal position in your particular situation. Birka Law PLLC’s appellate attorneys will give you their full attention and time, therefore making you feel their respect, commitment, and support as they assist you during your case.

Different Situation of Appeals

Appeals are determined by panels of three court members who work collaboratively. In a document known as a “brief,” the appellant provides counterarguments to the panel in written form. The appellant attempts to convince the courts in his brief that the trial court made a mistake and that its verdict must therefore be overturned. During an appeal, different types of situations are dealt with separately.


Criminal Case – A guilty verdict may be appealed by the accused, but the administration cannot if the accused is found not guilty. If the defendant is found guilty then either party could appeal the court’s previous decision. 


Bankruptcy Case – The losing party in the preliminary bankruptcy appeal could file an appeal with the court of appeals.


Civil Case – Either side may appeal the verdict.


Other Types of Appeals – A defendant who is dissatisfied with a sentence decided by a governmental administrative agency could typically file a motion to a court of appeals for a re-evaluation of the decision. 

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