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Business law is a branch of law concerned with protecting rights, upholding orders, settling disputes, and setting rules for businesses and their interactions with the government and individuals. In other words, business law is the collection of laws and legal precedents that regulate all aspects of your company’s operations. 


It is divided into two parts: administration of commercial entities and business contract legislation. Although laws have evolved gradually in response to technological advancements and society’s ever-changing expectations, the main elements of Business law remain at the base of this field of law.

business law attorneys in Grand Blanc Michigan

Each state has a different set of rules and regulations for businesses. Therefore, it is the responsibility of business owners to be familiar with the current laws and regulations that apply to them. All businesses, regardless of their size, are required to follow their specific government requirements. 


These laws regulate and observe business ethics, legal practice, the system of taxation for different kinds of organizations, employee benefits and rights, working environment and conditions, overtime rules, and minimum wage law. Business law also includes laws governing business relations,  business and personal estate, bankruptcy, and securities governance. Moreover, it includes laws relating to breach of contracts, exchanges, contracts, and sanctions towards agreement infringements.


A lot of new business owners are perplexed by business law and may even struggle to fully understand all the laws relating to their business. This is why it is highly advised to hire a business attorney to help guide you through all the complexities of these laws. Birka Law PLLC has some of the brightest and highly experienced business law attorneys in Grand Blanc, Michigan. 


Our attorneys will advise you on matters such as the type of company you want to start and the importance of maintaining detailed tax records. They will also guide you through the intricate hiring process, draft strong contracts, and fully support you in the event of any dispute or incidents. Our highly knowledgeable business attorneys will help make sure your business model and framework are appropriate. Ultimately, they will aid in the prevention of any future lawsuits that may appear.

Types of Business Law

Employment Law – It is critical for any business to remain updated on employment laws.  Is it mandatory for you to provide health insurance? Has your company discriminated against an employee? There are numerous areas in which your business might face significant financial and legal responsibility. 


Taxes – Each business’ tax requirements differ. Your business may have to pay several different forms of taxes.


Consumer Goods SalesThe Uniform Commercial Code is a set of laws that govern money transfers in the United States. Contracts, fraud, leases, and secure transactions are all covered by this code. This code is very complicated. Lawyers spend a significant amount of time learning how it functions so they can advise businesses on how to remain familiar with the requirements while remaining efficient.


Intellectual PropertyTo protect their work in the marketplace, businesses may need to patent certain innovative products.  Copyright laws will prevent your distinct designs and logos from being wrongfully used and stolen.

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