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Cannabis law is a practice in law that focuses on all the required documentation needed in order to legally open and run your own cannabis business. Opening your own business is an exciting new chapter in life, however, we mustn’t let that excitement blind us from making sure all the legal requirements are met. These requirements include licensing and establishing companies, compliance and annual renewal of licenses, company formation, structuring, and obtaining your license to legally sell your product. 

cannabis law attorneys in grand blanc Michigan

If all these requirements are not met, it may cause intense problems to arise down the line, such as lawsuits or large financial fines.

Although this complex process sounds very stressful and anxiety-inducing, Birka Law PLLC has experienced cannabis law attorneys in Grand Blanc, Michigan that can facilitate this process and help you legally open and run your business worry-free.  

Benefits of Hiring A Cannabis Law Attorney

There are many benefits that come with hiring a good cannabis law attorney. A few of these benefits include:

Making sure you meet all the required legal applications, guiding you through the different state and federal laws, and obtaining a marijuana license.

  • Although cannabis is a legal substance in a lot of states, each state has its own laws concerning the selling of cannabis. This means that each state has its own documents that are needed to legally establish a cannabis business. Without these legal applications, you will not be able to run your business legitimately.


  • We can help you file all your documents and applications speedily so that you can avoid any form of risk on your business and navigate through these tricky waters, ensuring you have all of your required licenses – especially your marijuana license. Additionally, a cannabis law attorney will help counterbalance the pricey fees of the application.
  • On a federal level, cannabis is still considered illegal. We will guide you into understanding how to run your business in line with the federal laws and regulations. Knowing the federal laws and regulations is very essential when establishing your own cannabis business. Cannabis law attorneys know the laws and can help you run your business smoothly and successfully without fearing any legal punishments.

Drafting and negotiating business agreements/contracts, conducting contract reviews, and ensuring enforcement of contracts. 

  • Business agreements and contracts have a certain way of being written. They must be clear, enforceable, and follow specific financial and legal standards. This is an important part of the process of establishing your own cannabis business as it sets the path for what your business should expect from other parties and how it will run as a whole.


  • If the agreements and contracts are not written properly, your business may face extreme losses or even lawsuits. This is why it is key to have a knowledgeable cannabis attorney to assist you. We will help draft the business contracts and agreements and even negotiate on your behalf to help you receive a fairer and more reasonable offer that best benefits your business.


  • The way we draft your business agreements and contracts is in a way that protects you and your business if any issues were to show up at any point. We will also make sure that it does not go against any laws or expose you to liability.
  • If at any point another party refuses to follow the previously decided upon and signed business agreements and contracts, we will help you take the appropriate legal measures in enforcing them to comply. 

Helping with trademarking, protecting intellectual property, and minimizing any form of risk. 

  • We will help you file all the needed documents to trademark your business and maintain its individuality. We will also provide you with unbiased advice and professional opinions on how to best protect your intellectual property while establishing your business. Finally, we will defend you in court if another business illegally uses or disputes your patent or trademark.

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