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Contract law is a field of law that deals with arrangements between individuals, businesses, and groups. When someone violates a contract, it is referred to as a “breach of contract,” and thanks to contract law, you can take the issue to court. In this case, a contract law attorney and judge will go over your situation and determine a reasonable outcome.


Before delving deeper, it is important to understand what a contract is. A contract is a legally binding agreement among two or more parties that creates a responsibility and duty to do or refrain from doing certain things.  A “party” can be either an individual or a business.  


contract law attorney in grand blanc Michigan

Even if writing is not considered necessary, a legal document in writing is a smart option because it shows a comprehensive record of the terms agreed upon and the participants’ clear and direct recognition of them. Although, it is possible to draft your own contract, in more complex exchanges, hiring an attorney is a sound investment to protect your arrangement and get help preventing any potential issues. 

When a contract is breached and either or both parties want the contract to be implemented, the wronged party can file a lawsuit in civil court. In certain scenarios, parties will try to form a settlement before filing a lawsuit.

With that being said, it is important to hire a contract law attorney to help you out. Birka Law PLLC can provide you with an experienced contract law attorney in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Our contractual attorneys will assist you in the creation of legally binding contracts, such as partnership agreements, business documents, purchase agreements, lease agreements, exclusive right contracts, and prenuptial agreements. 

Our contractual attorneys will assist you inunderstanding every component of the agreement prior to signing, ensuring that the contract is valid, helping you avoid any possible future responsibility issues, and representing you in civil court if a breach of contract occurs. Furthermore, they will assist you in developing advanced and legal agreement alternative approaches that may benefit you. 

When is a Contract Enforceable?

A contract will be implemented if it complies with certain elements for the creation of a legally enforceable agreement. Several elements are taken into account when implementing a contract, which include:


Lack of Capacity – An individual must be able to fully comprehend the contract they are signing. 


Undue Influence, Duress, Misrepresentation – When a person is persuaded to act against their best benefits because of their relationship with the other person involved, this is referred to as undue influence. Duress occurs when one party accepts due to being threatened by the other party to do so. When one party intentionally distorts factual information to the other, this is referred to as misrepresentation.


Unconscionability – When implementing an agreement would result in an oppressive or exploitive result, the court may decide against enforcing the agreement.


Public Policy and Illegality – If the contact has any illegal terms and agreements, the court will not accept the contract, therefore it will not be legally enforced. 

Mistake – If both parties involved made a mistake while writing the contract, the court will refuse the contract as a whole. However, please note that failing to read the contract does not count as a mistake and will not be used as a defense against the written agreement.

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Our contractual attorneys are ready to assist you or your family in overcoming any major legal contract-based challenges you are facing. We will help you draft legal contracts or documentation and ensure that your lawful rights are protected. Contact Birka Law PLLC at (810) 908-4547 or via the contact form below if you require assistance from a contract law attorney in Grand Blanc, Michigan. 

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