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The term “expungement” and the process of a court-issued order for expungement are frequently used in juvenile court proceedings. What does that mean exactly? 

To “expunge” is to “fully eliminate or remove.” According to the law, “expungement” refers to the process of erasing or sealing a criminal conviction record from state or federal records.

The criminal conviction is virtually erased from the defendant’s criminal record and may even be removed from the public records as well. 

expungement attorney in grand blanc

There is no federal statute governing the use and application of expungement orders, as it is incredibly uncommon for a federal court to issue an expungement order. However, each state has its own regulations regarding who can have their records wiped, what offenses can be expunged, how to apply, and how records would be handled in the event of an expungement order. The majority of cases involve juvenile records; however, several states also permit adult offenders to request the erasure of their records.

The process of expungement and who is eligible varies from state to state. For instance, certain states do not allow the expungement of driving violations from records. In some places, violent acts involving murder, kidnapping, and rape may also not be qualified for expungement. That is why it is important to have an expungement attorney who is familiar with your state’s laws and regulations.

What are the effects of having a criminal record?

The following are some of the effects of Having A Criminal Record:

  • Loss of employment or difficulty finding employment
  • A compromised public image
  • Child custody problems
  • Not progressing in your professional life
  • Immigration problems
  • Difficulty renting a home or apartment
  • Rejection of college financial aid
  • Increased rates for car and personal insurance
  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Temporary suspension of professional licenses.

What Criminal Records Can't Be Expunged in Michigan?

The following offenses are not eligible for expungement in the state of Michigan:

  • Using a computer to commit sex crimes
  • Any offenses that are punishable by life imprisonment
  • Second-degree child abuse
  • Child sexually abusive material or activity
  • Assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct
  • Second-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Third-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Human-trafficking-related offenses
  • The following traffic offense: convictions for DWI/DUI, traffic offenses that cause injury or death, and CDL violations
  • Terrorism-related offenses
  • Domestic violence*

    * Only if a previous misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence has taken place

Who isn't eligible for Expungement in Michigan?

Michigan residents are not eligible for expungement if they have:

  • Current charges pending against them
  • Been convicted of another crime (or multiple crimes) during the 10-year time requirement for expungement eligibility
  • More than one conviction for committing, or attempt to commit, an assaultive crime

Why Choose Our Expungement attorneys

Given how complicated expungement orders are, it is highly recommended and encouraged to hire a criminal record expungement attorney to help represent you and your case. Birka Law has experienced expungement attorneys in Grand Blanc, Michigan who are ready to assist you. Our attorneys will help represent you as they are knowledgeable of the constantly changing laws. They will also inform you on which documents you will need at each stage of your trial, help you fill in the many documents of paperwork, and most importantly, help you legally and accurately get your voice heard by the judge and the court. 

Benefits of Hiring An Expungement Attorney 

  • Expedited the expungement process

Since criminal record expungement attorneys know the laws, process, and paperwork needed for expungement, they can help you navigate through the process a lot quicker and easier. 

  • Manage and Assist you with all of the required paperwork

Adding to the point above, a criminal record expungement attorney can help you fill out all the paperwork needed and can even help you obtain the paperwork faster than you would be able to on your own. 

  • Stay updated on all the everchanging laws

With laws changing over time, it becomes harder to stay up to date with them. That is why it is important to have an experienced criminal record expungement attorney present to help guide you and facilitate your legal journey.  

  • They represent you in court

It is important to have an experienced attorney representing you in court. An expungement order is difficult to obtain, so having an attorney representing you in court can make the process easier and more likely to be granted.

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If you have a legal concern, our criminal record expungement lawyers are more than willing to help you or a loved one. They will represent you in court and before the judge, attempt to expunge a criminal record might have on you, and make sure you are being prosecuted fairly. If you require the assistance of an Expungement Attorneys in Grand Blanc, Michigan, contact Birka Law at (810) 908-4547 or via the contact form below.

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