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Family Law is a relatively broad practice area in the field of law that focuses mainly on all matters revolving around family and domestic relations. By stating the rights and responsibilities of certain family members within a vast range of situations, family law provides a structure or basis on which unbiased and reasonable results for all family members involved could be attained. Our attorneys are experienced in many areas of family law and are ready to assist you.

family law attorneys in grand blanc michigan

Family Law Practice Areas

Considering that family law deals with matters that hit close to home, it is important to have an honest and trustworthy family law attorney to help guide you. In addition, due to its broad nature, family law often crosses paths or intersects with other practice areas of law such as criminal law or immigration law. As a result of this, it is best advised to get legal guidance from a skilled and qualified family law attorney in order to smoothly and appropriately navigate through your case.


Our attorneys will provide you and your family a fair and accurate representation in court. Our family law attorneys’ main goal is to ensure the safety and protection of our clients, especially when dealing with cases that may affect the environment of the individuals involved. 


Since every client is unique and struggles with different legal issues, we provide services for many areas of family law, guaranteeing that one will best suit your specific case. Our family law attorneys are greatly familiar and experienced in multiple legal areas within family law, including:


If any of these areas listed above relate to you or a loved one’s case, our family law attorneys are ready to help. 

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Our family law attorneys  have many years of experience and are ready to help you and your family fight any legal battle. We will represent you in family court and private negotiations, draft authorized contracts and documents, and guarantee that your legal rights as an individual are met and protected. If you are looking for great family law attorneys in Grand Blanc Michigan, contact Birka Law PLLC at (810) 908-4547 or through the contact form below.

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