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If you have kids and are planning on divorcing or separating from your partner, child custody is a very important element to think about.

Child custody is a legal term that relates to the guardianship of the child. This means that it covers the legalities of the relationship between a parent or guardian and the child that is under their care.

child custody attorney in grand blanc Michigan

These legalities include who gets legal custody over the child (making important life decisions regarding the child such as schools, medical treatments, counseling, and so on) and physical custody (where the child will live and their day-to-day problems).

Physical and legal custody could be assigned to one specific parent or guardian or as a joint custody agreement, in which case both parents or guardians have the ability to make important life decisions for the child.

Types of Child Custody

Within physical custody, there are many different forms of child custody that one can obtain, including: 

  • Sole custody – an agreement that states that only one parent has legal physical custody over the child. In this agreement, the other parent will most likely receive visitation rights, either supervised visitation or unsupervised visitation. 
  • Joint custody – an agreement that states that both parents have equal amounts of time with the child. 
  • Split custody – if you have more than one child, this agreement states that one parent will have sole custody of certain children, while the other parent has sole custody of the other remaining children. 
  • Third-party custody – an agreement that places the children with a third person or guardian rather than with either biological parent. 
  • Birds nest custody – an agreement that the children will remain in their home, while the parents alternate between two different houses. This puts the burden of moving between two different houses on the parents rather than on the child. 
  • Alternating custody – an agreement where the child lives with one parent for a certain amount of time and then the other parent for the alternating amount of time. 

The way child custody is decided is through a court hearing, where the jurisdictions decide based on the best interests of the child. This is where our services will be extremely helpful. By working with one of our experienced child custody attorneys, your legal journey will become much easier and less stressful for both you and your child.

Our child custody attorneys in Grand Blanc will provide you with proficient legal guidance and will help facilitate the navigation through all the legal complexities that may arise. Finally, we will help speed up the process by going through all the legal documents in a speedy yet detail-oriented manner, while keeping your best interests in mind. 

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