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Divorce is the process of ending a marriage or marital union, thus withdrawing or rearranging the legal duties and responsibilities that came with the marriage.

The concept of divorce is usually an upsetting and shocking occurrence that can alter one’s perspective. This could affect the legal, financial, emotional, and parental agreements that come with the progression of the divorce.

That is why it is highly recommended and advised to hire a good family law attorney that specializes in divorce.

divorce attorneys in grand blanc Michigan

Birka Law PLLC can provide you and your loved ones with a skilled and experienced divorce attorney in Grand Blanc, Michigan that will ensure that your comfort and legal rights will be taken into consideration during the entirety of your case.

Hiring a divorce attorney is essential regardless of whether the divorce is taking place in a courtroom or harmoniously, especially given the fact that certain division of assets and custody has been proven to be legally complex. In addition, a divorce lawyer will guide you and prevent you from making any major mistakes that could alter your mental health, time, money, and future.

We are highly experienced and have taken on cases that exactly or very similarly resemble your case, therefore we know precisely what to say and how to maneuver around the legal complications that could arise at any point in the case. Moreover, our divorce attorneys will properly examine and understand your specific case to protect you and your interests. After careful examination, a good and trustworthy divorce attorney will provide you with objective advice that falls within the protocols of the laws concerning divorce in order to save you time and money. 

Types Of Divorce

There are many different types of divorce and our divorce lawyers in Grand Blanc are well versed in all of them. These types include: 

  • Contested divorce – when your spouse does not agree with the arrangements of the divorce, such as the divorce as a whole, child custody, division of the property, and so forth.
  • Uncontested divorce – when neither you nor your spouse is against the divorce and agrees with all the arrangements of the divorce.
  • At-fault divorce – when your spouse is in the wrong or cannot perform their marital duties. This includes adultery, confinement in prison, inability to have sexual intercourse, cruelty, and so on.
  • No-fault divorce – when either you or your spouse does not have to provide proof of spousal wrongdoing.
  • Collaborative divorce – when both you and your spouse, along with your respective divorce attorneys, meet together to mutually decide on certain aspects of the divorce, such as child custody, property division, financial responsibilities, and more.

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