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Our attorneys in Grand Blanc represent clients in a wide range of practice areas. We deal with family law, cannabis law, criminal law, contract law, property law, business law, tort law, and appeals. You can view all of our practice areas below to learn more about each individual practice. Our client’s comfort and trust throughout the whole process are the most important things to us here at Birka Law PLLC. We can assure you that if you decide to work with us you will receive a fair outcome.


Cannabis Law

Cannabis Business Law Experts

Before opening your own cannabis business, it is important to get your legal paperwork intact to avoid any complications down the line. Our cannabis law attorneys can ensure that your business will meet all the administrative and legal requirements to reduce any potential risks. They will help you run your business in relation to all federal and state-level regulations and will keep your licenses constantly up-to-date. We are ready to help you and your business legally flourish.

Our Cannabis Law Services

At Birka Law PLLC, we can assist you with all the legally required documentation needed before opening your cannabis business, including startup procedures, licensing, transactional procedures, compliance requirements, municipality guidance, and even license renewals.


Family Law

Family Law Attorneys

Family Law focuses on matters involving family relationships, such as child custody, child support, divorce or legal separation, protective orders, and so forth. Our Grand Blanc attorneys can represent you in family court, in private negotiations, drafting authorized contracts and documents for legal matters such as property divisions. Our attorneys are trustworthy and can assure you and your family’s comfort without compromising your legal rights. If you are in need of a family law attorney, we are ready to help.

Family Law Services

Birka Law PLLC handles all cases of child custody, divorce or legal separation, child support, spousal support, property division, protective orders, and mediation. Our family law attorneys are ready to help you and your family.


Criminal Law

Experienced Criminal Law Attorneys

Our criminal defense attorneys can support you by making sure the courts do not wrongfully convict you, or enforce extreme sentences for certain convictions. They will represent you in a jury trial, make sure your legal rights are not violated, guide you through police interrogations and interviews, and more. Our defense attorneys are skilled in matters relating to – but not limited to – fraud, misdemeanors, felonies, traffic violations, and expungements. Save yourself from stress and worry, and contact us to get reliable assistance from our experienced defense attorneys to help you receive a fair outcome.

Criminal Law Services We Provide

Need an attorney to help you clear your traffic violations, ordinance violations, misdemeanors, and more? Our defense attorneys at Birka Law PLLC are ready to assist you. We also deal with matters relating to defense, felonies, and expungements.


Contract Law

Contract Law Professionals

Contract law is the law that revolves around legally binding contracts between groups, businesses, and people. Our contract attorneys will help you understand every aspect of the contract before signing, ensure the contract is valid, help you avoid any potential accountability problems, and will help you in court if there is a breach of contract. In addition, they will help come up with innovative and legal alternatives that may benefit you concerning the contract. If you need contract attorneys to help you with legal agreements, Birka Law PLLC is ready to assist you.

Our Contract Law Services

Need help formulating legally binding contracts? Our contract attorneys at Birka Law PLLC will help you with partnership agreements, business documents, purchase agreements, lease agreements, exclusive right contracts, and prenuptial agreements. 


Property Law

Experienced Property Law Attorneys

Our property law attorneys will help you draft and review contracts and examine home inspection documents and disclosures to evade any possible harm or deceit in the future. Since our Grand Blanc attorneys are very knowledgeable and skilled in this field, they will facilitate your understanding of the legal methods by which any property dispute should be resolved. They will also provide you with professional advice throughout the whole process, from drafting the contract to closing the deal. The concept of property law may seem stressful, but do not worry, Birka Law PLLC is here to guide you.  

Our Property Law Services

Are you having legal troubles with matters concerning property? Birka Law PLLC has property attorneys that are ready to assist you with your difficulties, especially regarding purchase agreements, leases, landlord-tenant laws, deeds, and negotiations.



Appellate Attorneys

An appeal is a process in which certain legal cases are reevaluated by a higher authority to decide if a legal and formal change should be made to a previous decision. Our appellate attorneys have a broad knowledge of the law, and as a result, are experts at persuasive writing. They can either help you fix a legal error made or clarify a legal situation within your case. Appellate attorneys at Birka Law PLLC will provide you with their undivided attention and make sure you feel their trust and care as they support you throughout your case.

Our Appellate Attorney Services

Our appellate attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of the law and can use it to help you with trial-level appeals and court of appeals. If you require an appellate attorney, contact Birka Law PLLC for assistance.


Business Law

Experienced Business Law Attorneys

Business Law dictates how to form and run a business, including laws that determine how to start, manage, or sell/buy any type of business. Our business attorneys will guide you through the administrative regulations and the state and federal laws regarding your business. As our attorneys have years of experience, they will not only negotiate for you, but also help you choose a maintainable business structure, prevent any potential lawsuits, protect your intellectual property, such as product designs, logos, and business services, and help draft contracts. Birka Law PLLC is ready to lead your business in the right direction.

Business Law Services We Provide

Birka Law PLLC has many experienced business law attorneys that can help ensure that you will run your business within the regulations of the law. They are well-informed in compliance regulations, developing company procedures, establishing entity, negotiating, constructing business plans, real estate, and drafting and reviewing contracts.


Tort Law

Tort Law Experts

Tort law deals with matters relating to the occurrence of harmful conduct such as negligence, imposing emotional pain, monetary losses, physical injuries, invasion of privacy, amongst many other things. Our tort attorneys will assist you with cases of civil wrongdoings, excluding damage related to contracts. Since our tort attorneys at Birka Law PLLC are very experienced and knowledgeable, they will help you make the best legal decision while moving forward in your case and help you achieve a reasonable outcome based on your specific situation.

Tort Law Attorney Services

If you have experienced a personal injury, medical malpractice, strict liability, or property damage, our tort law attorneys are ready to take on your case. They will help you receive a fair outcome while ensuring your comfort throughout the process. 

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