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At Birka Law PLLC, we are proud of our work and dedication to our clients. We go above and beyond to make sure our client’s are more than satisfied with our representation. View all of our reviews/testimonials below and see what our clients have to say about us. If you would like us to represent your case, call us at (810) 908-4547 or fill out the contact form below.

I can’t thank Ashley enough for the amazing job she did handling my divorce case.

From the start the matter was contentious and presented many obstacles. Ashley remained calm and cool and displayed a great deal of expertise throughout the entire matter. I can’t thank her enough for the tremendous job she did and I will certainly utilize her again and recommend her to anyone in need of an outstanding attorney.

Theo - Avvo Review


Ashley has been there for me day an night for custody of my little girl an I couldn’t be happier with the outcome that has come with the custody of my little girl. She answered any of my questions that may have been little questions or big questions on what I needed to know. She was very considerate an understanding. She went well beyond what she needed to do. Thank you an I highly recommend her as an attorney.

Rachelle - Avvo Review

Amazing Under Fire

Marlena - Avvo Review

A hard working lawyer dedicated to her clients

Nate - Avvo Review

Quitclaim deed

Beth - Avvo Review

Amazing, attentive and empathetic!

Ashley worked hard on my custody case even with several hiccups. She helped deal with unusual circumstances and her line of questioning during the hearing was perfect for the situation at hand. If you are looking for a real person that works hard for their clients and their families, then Ashley is the attorney for you! I could not be more impressed with Ashley’s diligence to do the right thing for my family!

Jennifer - Avvo Review

Excellent!! Adult use marijuana licensing

Connor - Avvo Review

Quick, out of the box, results-oriented attorney

Ashley represented me in an eviction case after my landlord of 15 years sold my home the new owners refused to rent it out. I began the process in April with Legal Aid who told me after the 30 day notice my landlord would be able to file in court and that the court would give me no more than 10 days to get out. I did some shopping and every attorney I spoke with said the same thing- I would be evicted by the beginning of July. There was nothing they could offer me as far as strategy or solutions.

I did a consult with Ashley that changed my luck around. She told me that there was a very well know supreme court ruling where people continued to pay rent after getting their notice to vacate. When the property owner kept the rent payment the court deemed they’d have to start the process over. So taking her advice I paid April’s rent. The following month I paid May’s. I received my court date for mid may and the judge dismissed it just like Ashley had said. Relieved I went to Ashley to strategize. Because I had no lease and was up to date on rent there was no real legal standing. If I tried to pay again he would just return it anyways. She told me to sit tight and wait for court paperwork.


We got the 2nd notice to vacate June 9th. My landlord was shook by losing the previous case and took time to obtain counsel. We finally received our paperwork for court in July- things were now backed up and court wouldn’t be until August 11th. Following Ashley’s advice I requested time to find counsel at the hearing. For which the judge gave me a whopping 3 weeks. Ashley came in to my next court date and asked for just 1 more week to prepare. The judge granted her request. When we got to court the following time Ashley spent an hour negotiating with my landlord. Who would agree to no more than 7 days. However, Ashley was able to broker a full 20 days out if it. Got me out of paying for my landlords court/attorney fees AND no eviction on my record. Was able to get all my stuff out and the house cleaned by my move out date! Almost 6 months after my original eviction notice! Highly recommend

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