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Tort law is the body of law that deals with a vast bulk of civil suits. Tort law applies to any allegation that emerges in civil court, apart from contractual disputes. Tort law seeks to fight injustice done to an individual, as well as compensate for the wrongful acts of others by awarding financial reparation. The initial aim of tort law was to provide full restitution for proven harms.

tort law attorney in grand blanc Michigan

Before going any further, it is important to understand what a “tort” is. A tort is defined as an act that causes damage or harm to another individual and constitutes an unlawful act for which judges will implement liability. In tort law, “injury” refers to the violation of any legal right, whereas “harm” refers to a detriment of an individual.

Torts are differentiated from crimes. Crimes are injustices committed against the state or community as a whole. The primary goal of criminal charges is to uphold community justice. Tort law, on the other hand, explores personal wrongdoings with the primary goal of reimbursing the victim instead of penalizing the guilty party. Some actions may give rise to both tort and criminal liability, such as gross negligence which may endanger many people.

Some activities, such as battery, are subject to punishment under both criminal and tort law. In that case, tort law would offer monetary compensation to the plaintiff, whereas criminal law will provide healing and rehabilitation for the accused while also benefiting society by trying to reform the accused who committed the offense.

Since tort law is a very complicated field of law, it is difficult for an individual to take on all its legalities alone. This is why it is highly advised to hire a personal injury attorney. Birka Law PLLC can provide you or a loved one with skilled and knowledgeable tort law attorneys in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  

Our tort attorneys will help you with any civil misdoings that do not involve contract damage. Birka Law PLLC’s tort attorneys are very professional and experienced, so they will assist you to make the perfect legal decisions while progressing forward with your case. Finally, they will help you attain a fair outcome depending on your individual condition.

Different Categories of Tort Law

Tort law is split into three groups: negligent torts, intentional torts, and strict liability torts. 

Negligent torts –  Damage or harm caused to an individual due to another individual’s failure to provide a certain standard of care, generally defined as a “reasonable standard of care”.  A common example of such includes accidents or medical malpractice

Intentional torts – Damages or harm caused by an individual’s purposely unlawful conduct, such as assault, fraud, and theft

Strict liability torts – Concentrates on the conduct on its own.  If an individual or an organization commits a specific act, such as manufacturing a faulty product, that individual or business as a whole is liable for the resulting damage, regardless of the degree of care taken or their moral intention.

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