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Even the most cautious driver on the road can wind up suffering significant injuries in a car accident due to the carelessness of another driver.

Too frequently, those injuries can have consequences that drastically lower people’s quality of life.

Anyone who has survived a car accident is aware of how distressing the event can be, particularly if you or a loved one is gravely injured.

An accident can happen in a matter of seconds, but the effects might be lifelong.

accident lawyer in grand blanc

Sadly, insurance firms frequently put victims under pressure to make hasty decisions that can negatively impact their long-term physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Additionally, millions of people are hurt in car accidents every year all over the nation, but Grand Blanc, Michigan has a particularly strong car culture.

In Southeast Michigan alone, there are over 3 million registered vehicles, and according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, a collision happens there every 1 minute and 41 seconds. Furthermore, 974 people died and 75,838 people were injured in car accidents in Michigan in 2018.

There are numerous things contribute to auto accidents, such as driving while distracted, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or acting recklessly in general, as well as lack of expertise, fatigued driving, and breaking traffic laws. Whatever the reason for your accident, you need a skilled car accident attorney on your side who will fight for your interests.

Work with a Professional Car Accident Attorney

It takes time and could be difficult to get the benefits and compensation you are due. Additionally, it is understandable that most people are not in a clear headspace following a serious accident. 

Therefore, an experienced accident lawyer is needed to guide you through the challenging legal process so you may concentrate on getting well during your recovering period. Additionally, studies have shown that victims who are represented by skilled auto accident attorneys get much better financial results than those who represent themselves.

At Birka Law, we have assisted many individuals, who have been injured in auto accidents, in obtain the compensation they require. We aren’t afraid to take on large insurance providers whose main interest is to reduce the amount of payouts and who are not looking out for your best interests.

Why Choose Our Car Accident Attorneys

Our knowledgeable accident attorneys have many years of experience helping clients receive significant verdicts and settlements. We treat our clients like family from the very first discussion and go above and beyond to ensure that they receive the proper treatment from insurance companies and individuals.

We are available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries and help you navigate the challenging legal process necessary to win your case. Until you get the compensation you deserve, we won’t give up the fight.

Here are some reasons to hire our auto accident attorneys:

  • Being in a car accident is traumatic.

After an auto accident, an individual should be focusing on recovery and not how to deal with the legal system. Individuals may be in pain,  experiencing negative emotions, and/or confusion which may cause them to be more inclined to accept a fast and frequently low-ball insurance settlement. Accepting less than you genuinely deserve is unacceptable. Let us assist you to maximize your compensation to lessen your loss.

  • The Michigan No-Fault law is very intricate. 

The Michigan No-Fault system was never straightforward, and the most recent changes have only made it more so. Experienced auto accident attorneys are aware of the law’s current changes and how they may impact your case. Therefore, our attorneys are only looking forward to utilizing those changes to your benefit.

  • A qualified attorney is required to obtain “pain and suffering” damages. 

Serious injury victims frequently have a right to significant compensation for non-tangible losses like pain and suffering in addition to medical benefits. However, in addition to demonstrating the other party was at fault, plaintiffs must also satisfy the new requirements for “threshold injuries.” 

When you choose an attorney from Birka Laws, our knowledgeable attorney will work to ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement.

  • Hiring an accident attorney will result in a better financial outcome. 

Our expertise in representing motor vehicle accident claimants over the years has amply demonstrated that these plaintiffs receive higher verdicts and settlements than those who represent themselves like we stated earlier.

What will Our Accident Lawyers do for you?

Our accident lawyers will outline your legal options and give you advice on how to best pursue the benefits and compensation to which you are legally entitled. We’ll interview witnesses, gather all required records and documents, and file all required paperwork, among many other tasks.

If your case goes to trial, our skilled accident lawyers will also represent you in court. Most significantly, a lawyer will guard you against being exploited by insurance companies or the at-fault party (s). Your case has a much better chance of winning if you hire one of our experienced attorney on your side.

A knowledgeable automobile accident attorney will also assess your injuries to determine whether you are eligible for pain and suffering damages. In other situations, plaintiffs must satisfy the legal requirement for a “threshold harm,” which necessitates thorough medical evidence. With an experienced accident lawyer on your side, your chances of success will be significantly higher.

Contact Our Accident Attorneys In Grand Blanc

Our accident attorneys are prepared to assist you or a loved one who have been in an auto accident. We advise contacting legal counsel as soon as possible following an accident due to the reasons mentioned below: 

  • Michigan’s rigorous statutes of limitations and filing deadlines begin to run immediately.
  • If too much time passes, evidence can be more difficult to obtain or could be compromised.
  • Compiling the required medical records and other documentation might be time-consuming.
  • Allow our attorneys enough time to develop a strong case.

Contact us today by filling out the form below or by calling (810) 908-4547. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

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