Michigan Cities Opting into Adult-Use Marijuana

Michigan voted for marijuana legalization in 2019 with a YES to Prop 1. This means that you can get your municipality to opt into the program and obtain a license to sell, process, and transport marijuana.

Getting your Michigan Municipality to opt-in for Adult Use 

However, you may be struggling to get your municipality to go forward with the new Michigan marijuana laws.

Make sure to bring up these points at the next city council meeting, or even use them to write in your own Michigan marijuana opt-in.

So, what is the bonus? How does this benefit the municipality? Additionally, how do I hear a “yes” when asking the municipality to opt-in?

Tax revenue! A medical establishment doesn’t pay the taxes a recreational establishment does. This creates more funding for the many needed improvements where we all live. A handful of the first recreational establishments saw sales of $3 million dollars in a mere two weeks! That’s $180,000 for the 6% state sales tax, and another $300,000 in excised tax. Excised tax money goes directly to the community’s general fund for the support of the general operating budget. The use of this revenue is unrestricted.

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